The magic of Orlando…

Everyone knows that college eventually ends, but as the end comes closer it seems that everything is going faster. I cannot believe that it is already time to board the plane for my last conference with The Pendulum. Every budget meeting and production night reminds me that this is my last semester on staff.

I am excited to get to go to the conference where everything can seem new again. There is nothing that compares to being surrounded by students and professionals who are passionate about this world, writing and journalism. I am so excited to go to the conference and see what other papers do, to hear from other people that are so excited about writing about the world. (Probably lots of other seniors that are also nervous about the real world that is coming ever closer).

I have met some of my best friends through The Pendulum. I am excited to get to go experience this conference with them. I am excited to see the younger staff members experience their first conference. I am mainly excited to see what opportunities are available in Orlando. I have always been in love with Disney, and while I am not going, just the close proximity may make magic happen. I mean Orlando truly is a magical place.

-Rebecca Smith


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