Coming Full Circle

Before I get to Orlando, I need to take a step back.

A year ago, I was waiting on another flight.  I was part of a group of Pendulum staff members headed to the 2010 ACP/CMA conference in Louisville, Ky.  It was my first ACP/CMA conference, my first time in Kentucky and I couldn’t have been more excited.  But during the entire convention there was one untidy bit of business that had yet to be wrapped up.  I was managing editor then, striving for editor-in-chief and the EIC application was due just a few days after we returned from the conference.

My freshman year, I remember listening to then editor-in-chief Olivia Hubert-Allen and deciding I wanted to be in her shoes as a senior.  And in the days before that EIC application was due, I was finalizing my reasons for wanting to lead this stellar group of journalists.  It was in that weekend that my reasons solidified. The Pendulum has continuously given me opportunities that I never expected when I entered school and I wanted to return the favor.

 I discovered my passion for crime reporting after covering the cops beat for two years.

I traveled to New York for the first time my sophomore year for a journalism conference and later Louisville my junior year.

I gained the skills needed to obtain several internships and learned to hone my editing skills.

I met some of my best friends and had the best moments of my college life. The Pendulum has done so much for me and I wanted to inspire my younger staff members like I had been inspired.

Now flash-forward back to the present.  I’m about to fly out of the Raleigh airport and come January, I’ll no longer be The Pendulum editor-in-chief.  There’s a new crop of students wrestling with the EIC application this weekend.  And it’s ironic, I’ve never been to Florida.

–Anna Johnson


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