ACP/CMA: Thoughts from a first-timer, the night before the conference

Right now I’m in Orlando, sitting in the lobby of the Renaissance Sea World hotel (Might I add, it’s a neat place. Here’s a picture I tweeted upon arrival earlier tonight). Just eight hours ago I was back in Elon, scurrying around to make sure I was set to go, and ensuring all of my work for school and The Pendulum was mapped out for the week.

And here I am, preparing for the start of my first conference with The Pendulum—heck, my first media conference in general. Tomorrow I will begin the three-day process of attending sessions, meeting fellow student journalists and college newspaper staff members, mentally processing hours of advice and discussions and maybe attempting to network while I’m at it. After all, that is what allows you to stay alive in this business.

There are approximately nine hours until the first conference sessions begin, and I still have yet to make my selections concrete. As a young journalist who is still trying to develop my niche and specialties in the field, I have a wide array of choices before me for the week. I want to make sure I attend some sessions focusing on multimedia and the Web. That’s where I’ve been parked for a little while now. I am entirely confident that, regardless of how little or much I learn from the sessions I choose to attend (which I am expecting to learn a good deal of information), being around other people with some of the same ambition and interests as me and seeing what they’re doing, what they’ve done and what they hope to accomplish will only provoke me to become better myself.

-Natalie Allison


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