Of dreams and time turners: preparing for the 2011 ACP/CMA conference

Tomorrow, I and nine others, along with our adviser Colin Donohue, will take off on a plane to Orlando. There, we will spend three jam-packed days attending sessions, networking with professionals, meeting fellow young journalists and taking advantage of every opportunity that presents itself at the 2011 ACP/CMA conference. I have wanted to seize such an excellent opportunity ever since deciding that journalism was my passion and life calling, and here I am, lucky enough to be making these last-minute preparations to a conference I’m incredibly excited to attend.

My journey at The Pendulum has only been just over a year in length, but it’s already felt so much longer. I’ve gone from a tentative guest columnist freshman year, to an enthusiastic copy editor sophomore year, to my current position as features editor. No way could I have anticipated I would have had such a great journey in just 14 months’ time. It’s ironic that the conference is in Orlando, the home of Disney World, because isn’t that where they say dreams come true? It’s been my dream to hold both a section editor position and attend a conference with The Pendulum, both of which have come to fruition.

I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of such a passionate, dedicated and talented organization, and I’m really looking forward to learning at the ACP/CMA conference this week: not just for personal gain, but in learning how The Pendulum can grow even more from what we learn collectively this long weekend. I have already eagerly perused the schedule of sessions and my head is spinning: I need one of Hermione’s time turners so I can attend everything I’m interested in. Maybe the close proximity to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will work in my favor.

In any event, I anticipate learning as much as possible. From attending sessions about feature writing and being a good editor, to networking and making professional connections, I hope to have an experience that will make a significant impact and mark the first of many conferences to come in my lifetime.

-Ashley Fahey


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