My last Pendulum trip ever

This is a crazy week, getting ready to go to Orlando for the ACP/CMA conference. Monday, Tuesday and the beginning of Wednesday is completely full of getting everything done for the following week, and it almost doesn’t give me time to think about the five days ahead of me. Key word: almost.

I remember the summer after my freshman year, receiving an email saying I was picked to go to this very same convention, only in Austin, Texas. I was so excited. I had only been on staff for a semester, but already they wanted me to go. That was the same year we got our first Pacemaker nomination and actually won. I was just an assistant sports editor at the time, but it was a huge piece of what made me feel like a part of this organization. Before that, I still sometimes felt like the outsider around all the upperclassmen, but after that trip, I belonged. It’s why I chose to spend the last four years of my life with this organization, and why even after I graduate, The Pendulum will continue to hold a very special place in my heart. Now I’m a senior, the online managing editor of the paper. I’m no longer the baby of the group, but instead I get to help those who were just like me become a part of the family that is The Pendulum.

I know this was supposed to be about how excited I am for the conference, to learn things and to meet people, and that’s all so fantastic. I am excited about that. But more than anything, I’m just excited to go back to this conference that means a little bit more to me than the average person. No, we’re not nominated for a Pacemaker (we are for an Online Pacemaker, though!), and we might not have the tears we had my first year going, but it’s about what it represents. But I’m done being sappy and nostalgic for the day. Next time you hear from me, we’ll be in Orlando!

– Sam Calvert


One thought on “My last Pendulum trip ever

  1. you’re not allowed to graduate. also, can’t wait to read the posts to come! tell everyone i say hi and i love them and i wish i was in orlando… but i’m in spain so i guess it’s alright.

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