I’m going to Disney World, almost

With each hour my Sticky Note of things to do before leaving for Orlando gets shorter and shorter. I still have some Hebrew homework to do, a two-page response and a quiz in TV Production later today but otherwise I’m ready to go! Oh, and I have to pack.

In about 27 hours, I’ll be caravanning with several other staff members of The Pendulum to RDU for our flight to Orlando. I went to a similar convention when I was a senior in high school, but now that I’m a second-year college student, I’m really looking forward to representing the campus media organization I got so quickly involved in at Elon University.

The weekend will be packed: There’ll be a lot of learning from sessions, workshops and other students. I’ll be participating on a panel on Saturday afternoon with our Online Managing Editor Sam Calvert about Social Media. And, if we’re lucky, there’ll even be some time to take in the sights of Orlando.

If all is done well, we’ll come back energized with great ideas for the future of our newspaper and website. Stay tuned, you never know what we’ll find in Orlando.

– Jeff Stern


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