Am I the only one that enjoys Universal more than Disney?

Unfortunately for me, the answer to that question will not be applicable this weekend.

As Jeff, Sam and Caitlin have said before me, nine of us lovely Pendulum people are going to Orlando, Florida, for the ACP/CMA Convention 2011. I am extremely honored to be going and representing an organization that has welcomed me with open arms and plenty of things for me to write and shoot. Looking through the calendar of events, I see a lot of sports-themed sessions. YES. Who knew that sports journalism is that important? I sure didn’t. I’m super excited about it though.

I am looking forward to all the sessions, meeting other potential journalists like myself, but most importantly I’m looking forward to hanging out with all the people whom I know and love and just saw last night for a good six or seven hours at production! I can’t wait to room with Jeff Stern. I love that kid to death and worked as a Multimedia Editor for a semester under his incredible tutelage (somewhere Jeff is blushing right now). He and I will be holding down the guys’ side of things with Mr. Colin Donohue. Hockey talks will abound, I’m sure. I’m sure a lot of Thomas Wilson-bashing will occur as well.

Like everyone else, I’ll be checking back in daily with my thoughts on different sessions, mostly sports-related. Maybe every now and then I’ll throw in a fun story about out-of-session life in Orlando. We’ll see.

I leave you with one statement:

Dream of para-para-paradise,

– Zachary Horner


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