Preparations for the Trip

Around this time last year, I was quietly panicking as I prepared for my first trip on an airplane and how to navigate the complicated system of packing and security checks. Now, as I plan to embark on my second trip to an ACP/CMA Convention with members of The Pendulum staff, I not only feel more prepared for a flight but more prepared as a student journalist to soak up the numerous opportunities that will be available to me in Orlando. I remember my feeling of happiness last year in Louisville as I interacted with hundreds of other students and professionals excited and passionate about the field of journalism and, just as I said last year, it’s inconceivable that the field of print journalism is dying with such a strong group of young, dedicated reporters preparing to enter the work force. I consider it an honor to have the opportunity to be one of the representatives of The Pendulum staff, but I know this conference is not just about what I can glean from the presentations and sessions. The information that is presented is important to all members of our staff and I look forward to returning back to Elon, and The Pendulum, with valuable tips and knowledge that will shape the future of the organization.

-Caitlin O’Donnell


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