To basic design, and beyond!

Here are some tips and tricks to maximize design value:

Know your goals and know your audiences. If you’re unsure of either of these, you need to rethink design and open a lemonade stand. I like lemonade, and maybe could make some money.

The most important aspect of design, according to Pierce, is to help your readers gets from top to bottom. Keep the information organized, because content is what rules design.

There’s a hierarchy in design:

Big —> Small

Black —> White

Color —> Black & White

Unusual —> Usual

Sometimes throwing in extra design elements can be a problem. It can cause clutter and confuse readers. Organizing content is key.

When you’re a page designer, you’re using design to guide readers through your page. If they don’t have the time, they won’t look at it, and that’s just too bad. Maybe this issue was the one you spent 15 hours designing.

Other important notes:

All photos should have cutlines.

Faces in photos should be at least the size of a thumbnail, unless you’re Bigfoot.

Simple and basic can go a long way. Use type as an element, but don’t take it too far.

Match your type to your use.

Be careful with color, especially in news. Color in elements other than photos should be reserved for features, arts and entertainment sports, among others.


Can you tell the difference?


–Eva Hill



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