Don’t just be a headline-pusher: Tweet this with Rachele Kanigel

There’s nothing that hammers in “Keep It Short, Stupid” better than Twitter. With only 140 characters to say what needs to be said, there’s no time or space to be verbose. That being said, Rachele Kanigel, from San Francisco State University, says that Twitter—and all social media—can be used for so much more than just posting headlines with links. In fact, she said these sites should not be platforms for linking to every story published in print or online, a mistake that she said many newspapers make.

Almost all student newspapers follow AP Style, but Kanigel said the Yahoo! Stylebook is also a necessity, as it gives tips for simple search engine optimization among other essential social media etiquette.

But even though Facebook and Twitter are the most abundant forms of social media among college students, Kanigel showed us a few other sites like Storify and Cover It Live that allow better on-the-spot coverage, incorporating multimedia.

To see Kanigel’s full powerpoint, you can go to the following site:

-Kassondra Cloos


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