Design like a pro

Kyle Ellis, a features designer for the New York Post, led this design session. I can honestly say that I took nothing away from this session. He spent the first few minutes describing the architecture of the sinks and doors in The New York Times office; he used to work for The New York Times, apparently. He also should some photos of The New York Times’ pages, which weren’t the best examples of design. There are a few phrases and ideas I took from this design session, and I will list them below.

Design has a purpose.

Make it easy to use.

Work things through and simplify.

Design for your audience.

Don’t overdue color — a little goes a long way.

Unfortunately, this was really all I took away from this session. I was really hoping to get more information from this professional session, but I didn’t learn anything. Well, I did learn that the doors in The New York Times office aren’t designed for an ideal emergency exit.

–Eva Hill


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