Need a story idea? Lori Brooks has a 100+ topics to help out

100+ story ideas: Stories you can assign on Monday (and how to make your writers find their own)

Lori Brooks, University of Oklahoma

I came into this session thinking we were going to get story ideas, but lets be honest that does not really make sense. Unless she has been on our campus, her story ideas would be very vague. Instead we got a 100+ story topics. Vague statement that are used to find story ideas. Take a topic and then think about how it applies at your school and then you end up with some pretty cool story ideas.

It was cool to be in a situation where you are sitting there, without a production looming (okay well tomorrow is production, but since we will not be there it did not feel that way). Normally when editors come up with story ideas it can be hard to think of a new idea while you are typing frantically and hoping to send your ideas out to reporters, and at least with our paper editors are typically doing this right before or during production.

Being in a relaxed environment and just having someone throw off topics and then being able to pass around ideas that could make these topics apply to Elon with fellow Pendulum staff member, Kassondra Cloos, was fantastic. It was a nice way to really think about what is a good story idea, what is an okay story idea and what should really not be covered by the paper at all.

One thing I really liked from her session is how she told us to bring our school campuses into an international issue. Basically any big issue that happens in the world has someone at our school connected to it, but that connection is not always so obvious. Find someone who is helping that country recover, find someone who has dealt with a similar issue somewhere else. Our paper tends to look for people studying abroad there or people who used to live there. These connections are great, but not always necessary.

It was nice to hear someone else’s point of view and to have someone tell us to think outside of the box when it comes to story ideas.

-Rebecca Smith


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