Chicken salad for the journalist’s soul

The boisterous, off-putting Michael Koretzky of Florida Atlantic University led this fast-paced session. He cycled through several slides and redesigned pages from other university newspapers. Some of the redesigns had special themes, such as Communism and robots.

The main message I took away from this session was that it’s extremely important to have high-quality elements on a newspaper page. For example, if the story is poorly written and worthless, the whole page will suffer. If a photo is too dark, or taken carelessly, the other elements won’t appear at their best, either.

Every member of a newspaper’s staff aids the overall production process of the newspaper. Therefore, everyone’s job is of equal importance. Photos, graphics, copy and design work together to create a publication that’s worth reading. If one section is lacking or falling behind, it will slow down the others, too.


Clip art is a big negative, Ghost Rider. What is its purpose? Does it aid the story, or does it just make an appearance to take up space?

Decks are important. Sometimes journalists are afraid to use them because they don’t understand their function. Decks add additional information that may not be provided in the headline. They can entice the reader to read the story by giving him or her an idea of what lies ahead.


Limit fonts? What a NOVELty idea. Did anyone get that, or was it just funny to me? Either way, limiting fonts is never a bad decision. Let’s do it, just for KICS. Keep is consistent, silly.

For college newspapers: We want our stories to be about people. Students are really important, according to Koretzky. College newspapers need students and important stories on our front pages.

–Eva Hill


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