New York looks lovely … from my hotel room

The Caps and CMA: A fruitful and obvious marriage

It’s been an uneventful open to my time in New York. I’ve spent most of the day resting in my hotel room (I’ve been up since 3:15 a.m.) and grading Media Writing stories. The little time I’ve spent outside this behemoth of a hotel has been in restaurants, searching for the ESPNZone (it’s been shut down) and shopping at the NHL store, where I made a purchase, which you can see to the right. So far, nothing I’ve done has been collegiate journalism related (aside from standing at the conference registration desk for approximately two minutes). That will change tomorrow, of course, when everything kicks off officially at 8 a.m. I’m looking forward to an educational and, I hope, enlightening experience. I’ve begun circling the sessions that intrigue me (which you can also see by shifting your eyes to the right), and I do plan to attend a few. But I see this time at the CMA gathering as an opportunity to meet new advisers, with whom I can both commiserate and celebrate.

So here’s to the start of a great conference. Make sure you’re checking the blog regularly for updates from the Pendulum’s very own Rebecca, Eva and Kassondra, who will be posting their summations, thoughts, impressions, critiques, revelations, judgments and musings following every session they attend. I won’t be quite as prolific in this space, but I’ll pop in every now and then to add a picayune notice here and there. And if you want faster, real-time updates of what’s going down at the CMA conference from people outside the bubble of Elon, hop on Twitter and follow the conversation at #cmanyc11. You’ll probably see a few more bursts from me there than here.

— Colin Donohue


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