Journalism is just getting started

No matter how enthusiastic I am about my career as a journalist, there are always the Negative Neds and Nancys that ask the same question:

“Isn’t the newspaper, like, dying or something?”

In all honesty, even though it makes me terribly sad to think about it, that’s a pretty fair question. With subscription and readership rates falling faster than pennies dropped from the top of the Empire State Building (where I’ll be this weekend), there are people who are genuinely concerned that journalism students are going to have to head straight back to the drawing board once they get out to the real world.

The truth, though, is that the newspaper isn’t a definition of journalism–it’s simply one of the many products of it. Journalism evolves rapidly over time, as technology improves. Even though there’s nothing like seeing your own story on the front page of a printed newspaper, it’s also pretty cool to think about how many more people have the potential to see web-based content, which isn’t limited to a certain number of hard copies.

This week, while I’m at the Spring College Media Convention in New York, I’ll be focusing largely on how to capitalize on some of the newest forms of media. Many of the sessions I plan to attend revolve around emerging media and I’ll also be meeting countless other students with bright ideas that will influence the way we, as journalists, produce the news you read and see. I am eager to share what I learn with the rest of The Pendulum’s staff in order to best serve our audience and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

-Kassondra Cloos


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