Balancing the dream and reality: New York City edition

Ever since I was a little girl I have been in the middle of a love affair with New York. I have always loved the shops that line the streets, the people bustling down the sidewalks, the opportunities that seem to await everyone and the way the city lights up at night. This love affair might have started with the children book series “Eloise at the Plaza,” but it was the Mariott Marquis in the middle of Times Square that really won me over as a child.

As I have gotten older, I care for New York in an even bigger way. I am not sure I could ever turn down a chance to go to New York, especially to attend a conference in the hotel that won me over.

However, now this feeling is also mixed with a sense of doom. What if I do not end up wanting to live there? What if the dream I have had my whole life is not actually the right dream for me? I am excited to spend the weekend in New York to ask myself these questions. I am getting to spend four days in a city I love, learning about an industry I love and representing an organization that I love. This weekend really is a dream come true. Wednesday morning, when I wake up at Elon, I know I will have a lot to think about. I know I will have learned so much about the field, new media and hopefully myself.

In eight hours I will board a plane and start mentally preparing for days of sessions that hopefully will help me become a better journalist and will provide me many tips to bring back to The Pendulum.  I feel confident that I will come back knowing a lot more about myself too, even if my future seems just as hazy. But hey, it will be one step closer to figuring out what the future holds for journalism and an aspiring journalist like me.

-Rebecca Smith


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