Writing for the Web

Lauren and I arrived at this session a little late this morning, but were very excited for what it would teach us about multimedia and structuring stories to better fit the web. Unfortunately, we weren’t given any information that we didn’t already know.

While I understand the basics of incorporating videos, audio, photos, charts, animation, graphics and other interactive tools into effect storytelling on the web, the speaker did briefly touch on an idea that I hadn’t previously thought of and I found fascinating. In the future, rather than simply running the story in print online with multimedia links/videos/images on the side of the screen, the speaker said multimedia will be used to tell the story in place of print. For example, a lead will be presented in text, followed immediately on the screen by a video with direct quotes from sources, and so on throughout the rest of the story. Again, this prediction for the future of journalism emphasizes the need of journalists to be effective storytellers through multiple mediums – not just print, but with their video camera as well.

While I can’t foresee anytime in the near future where we will structure our website in this way, it is definitely something to keep in mind!

-Caitlin O’Donnell

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