Writing for the web – Came in late, don’t remember the speaker’s name : CMA 2010

I went to this event with Caitlin after Shoot Yourself. We sidled in a little late and sat towards the back. Whew. What I learned most from this event is that I am so glad I don’t go to a huge state school.

The talk was fairly standard as far as Web writing goes. The speaker emphasized interactivity and what he predicted was the future of the newsroom, with multimedia Web content ruling over print. There isn’t a good way to predict the future, but according to the speaker, it’s not looking bright for print-only journalists.

I’ve heard that repeated to me by my professors for the last year I’ve been in school. I get it that people may not have heard of convergence and that this conference is where people go to get ideas. But, really – I also get the fact that I need to be a multifaceted person in order to stay afloat. I’m also getting tired of hearing all the doom and gloom from multimedia people about the future of print. It doesn’t make me want to stay in their program if they keep telling me I’ll never find a job.

We did talk about Twitter and Facebook and their roles as the new media gatekeepers, an interesting concept I had not really thought about. More so now than ever before, extramedia sources like Facebook are “deciding” what makes the news. Considering I get most of my news from Facebook and Twitter, and even deleted my NYTimes app because I was getting redundant articles, I totally understand.

-Lauren Ramsdel



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