The current staff is tomorrow’s future


Session Title – Let’s Train Writers

Session Speakers — Charles Bailey of Marshall Eniversity

Chris Evans  of University of Vermont

Erin Gibson of University of Southern Indiana

Kelly Messinger of Capital University


Overview — One of the main problems is students are not coming to college prepared to be leaders. Most millennial students were coddled and are use to talking to parents several times a day.  But they are use to working in groups and get along with others, however, finding someone to step up and lead can prove to be more challenging.


One of the ways to get staff to listen to you should to bring in outside voices.  Don’t be the Charlie Brown teacher.  Also don’t choose a leader based on skills set alone, it has to be someone who is able to play nice and truly lead the group.


Some EICs develop the God-complex and boss others around without any discussion.  Others are to afraid to admit they need help and end up ruining things by not asking questions.


Students often see themselves as equal to the students who lead them and see them as a friend first.  While a leader should be someone approachable, the person should still be able to maintain some sort of authority,


When you see a leader getting out of hand ask them to:

  • an experience when they felt as though they were outsiders
  • what made them feel like they belonged when they joined a new group
  • what are some of the characteristics of a group they liked best


Leaders need:

  • self awareness
  • problem solving skills
  • conflict resolution tools
  • assertiveness
  • empathy
  • relevant experiences


Leaders must be able to:

  • listen
  • motivate
  • praise
  • evaluate
  • discipline
  • empower
  • teach
  • apologize
  • reflect



Leadership Development: Conflict Management for College Students by Judy Rashid


My take — This session was mostly for advisers and I think I was one of two or three students there.  Bringing in outside voices are one of the most important things I am learning while attending this conference.  Seeking out professionals and professors will really make an impact on what the staff takes in.

And I believe remembering times that made you feel hurt or not included is one of the greatest assets a leader can use.  At some point you felt wronged by a leader in an organization and it is your job to take that moment, learn from it and figure out the best way of handling that situation when you assume that leadership position.


Anna Johnson


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