Put on the boxing gloves

Session Title — You don’t have to fight the law to work with them
Session Speaker — Mandi Bryson of College of Charleston

Overview —  This session was mostly a question and answer session.  Bryson works as the coordinator of student media and also works in the administration at the College of Charleston.  Some of the information she gave I felt was a soft approach to handling the administration and law enforcement.  She said she was fine with getting redacted information in incident and police reports.  And in her emergency phone tree (something I think is a good idea) she listed herself and other PR people as the first line of information as opposed to the students.  This is a role I feel the students should be taking, not the administrators.    Many of the students began asking questions and she asked for students to jump in.  And I did.  They had questions on the Clerly Act, getting incident reports, playing nice with police and speaking to administrators.  It was through this session I realized all I have learned through my year and half at The Pendulum and through my internships about media law and student rights.

Hopefully it will continue to pay off.


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