I want to be a Mojo!

As has been emphasized throughout sessions this week, journalism students should be constantly in the process of honing their skills as writers, photographers, videographers, etc. This session went into detail about some of the tools required to be a mobile journalist, including a camera, extra batters, cords as well as programs such as Photoshop and Qik.

While most of the tools and information presented I was already aware of, I did appreciate the resources that the speaker presented, such as the best flipcam to purchase and photo-editing software to use. While I knew that being a mobile journalist means, literally, being mobile, and telling stories as you go, I had never really considered how this could be applied to The Pendulum – rather, I had always thought of it in terms of what my journalism career would be like after graduation. While I may not currently have all the tools the speaker shared readily available to me, that doesn’t mean I can’t report on the go when I’m on campus. Events happen every day on Elon’s campus, events that need to be shared with the student body, whether it be a quick Twitter post or a short flipcam video uploaded to the website. Though Jack and I assign news stories at the beginning of every week, that doesn’t mean we are only responsible for those stories during the week. When things happen, it is our responsibility to make sure they are covered. For the rest of my semester, I plan to work with the current team of news reporters to not only focus on their assigned story for the week, but to be prepared to cover stories on the go as well!

-Caitlin O’Donnell

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