I want to be a mojo! – Christina Drain : CMA 2010

I do want to be a mojo. I mean, I have mojo but I’m not one yet. What is a mojo? Well, a mobile journalist.

They shoot, write, edit, film and record stories and are generally pretty cool people. What formerly would have taken an entire news team a full day of research, shooting and production will take a mojo a few hours. And that makes them invaluable for cash and time strapped newspapers or TV shows.

Speaker Christina Drain ran us down a list of resources and tools we can use to become mojos. Every good mojo needs a backpack of things like:

–       Smartphone

–       Internet connection

–       Laptop or netbook

–       Digital camera or camcorder

–       Tripod (my favorite… the Gorillapod!)

–       USB, cables, chargers

–       Reporter’s notebook

–       Pens and pencils

With these tools, anyone can produce their own package, almost an entire publication on their own. She also emphasized the importance of external mics (“People will watch bad video, but they turn away from bad audio immediately.”)

Also, we talked about some software resources that mojos can find useful, such as:

–       Youtube video editor

–       Live streaming from a webcam

–       Qik

–       Photoshop.com

And Drain’s own website: pjcbootcamp.wordpress.com, an amalgamation of several resources. Good stuff.

-Lauren Ramsdell



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