Where’s the Multimedia Story

When there are moments to capture, you should have a video camera at hand.

Moments by William Hoffman, a short film filled with quick cuts and short clips featured brief valuable moments.

MSNBC found moments in the daily life of a paralyzed former cheerleader. A Syracuse student captured the spirit of an important figure on the basketball sidelines. John Waskey conveyed the happiness and excitement people experienced at a gun range.

Find a story and simply ask “what do we do with that?” The natural thing to do is write a story and snap a picture, but there is a point when you know the story merits the extra effort of a multimedia story.

Some characters have a spirit that cannot be captured in a photograph or in a written article. A visual component better connotes the emotion in a character and their moments. Some pieces just warrant audio.

The recipe for a great video:

  1. moments
  2. repetitive actions
  3. audio
  4. someone to interview
  5. central character

Character driven stories are a great way to start shooting. You have to “cherry pick” what stories deserve a video element.



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