“Social Media Sucks”

Dan Close started his session off with these words: “Stick to real journalism. Social media sucks.”

Bold statement, Dan. Bold statement.

He really meant to make the point that “real journalism” is not using Facebook, Twitter and email as a means to get interviews. He went on to compare “real journalism” to “fake journalism”:

Real Journalism

  • observation
  • research
  • critical thinking
  • verification
  • writing
  • editing
  • interviewing

Fake Journalism

  • rumor
  • Twitter/Facebook
  • less context
  • no time to reflect
  • unreliable sources
  • harder to verify
  • shapeless

Close used the comparison of real journalism to fake journalism as a means to explain the overall theme of his presentation: multi-sourcing your stories. I think that this is something that I personally need to improve on. And after reading The Pendulum over the last few weeks, I feel that it’s something that we could all improve on.

He said that multi-sourcing is:

  • more accurate
  • more balanced
  • more rounded
  • more human
  • more objective
  • provides competing views
  • provides different points of view

“When you talk to more sources, the truth will emerge,” Close said.

So get talking, team.

-Gabriela Szewcow



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