Nils Rosendahl – The Eyes Have It : CMA 2010

Today I am wearing black, grey, green and cream colors. No, I am not a Navy SEAL, but I am wearing power colors, at least according to Nils Rosendahl.

The session The Eyes Have It was about presence, in both interviewing and being the interviewee. The fact that it was about both was really interesting; I feel more prepared for both scenarios. I don’t get interviewed a lot, but since internship season is around the corner, it’s time to get prepared.

Rosendahl’s lecture was broken down into a list of types nonverbal communications:

1)   Body language – watch your posture, positioning and SHAKE HANDS!

2)   Dress and style – the aforementioned colors, don’t wear anything too revealing

3)   Paralanguage (how you speak) – accents, emphasis, rate

4)   Proximics (how close you are to someone) – don’t be too close or to far away, don’t put a huge barrier in front of you and your subject

5)   Olfactory – DON’T SMELL BAD! Or, don’t use too much scent.

6)   Haptics (touch) – you can touch people, but don’t be creepy

7)   Timing – be on time!

8)   Tactics – how to blend all of these things

Each subject had several subheads – like power colors, under the “dress” section, as I mentioned before. Black is the most powerful, we were told.

Rosendahl was personable, responsive and mostly a cute old grandpa (with somewhat of a potty mouth).

It was great, and with Interviewing 101, I’m super ready for my next article.

-Lauren Ramsdell


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