Do you know anyone who lives in Congo?

Session Title — International Opportunities for College Journalists:  Internships, Freelancing, Study Abroad and Jobs
Session Speakers — Brad Hamm of Scripps Howard Summer College Journalism Program in Asia; Jim Kelly and Sarah Brubeck of Indiana University; Jack Dodson of Elon University

Overview:  Each speaker took turns discussing their various overseas experience.  Hamm works with Scripps and takes a handful of students to Japan every summer.  Our former featured editor Rebecca Smith attended.  Kelly spoke about his program in Kenya, working on covering the health epidemic and partnering with local journalists.  Brubeck took trips abroad, one in London and the other in Chile shortly after the earthquakes.  Dodson, one of our news editors at The Pendulum, spoke about his trip to India this summer. He went as a member of Periclean Scholars and filmed the first part of his documentary.

My take:  International news is my passion.  If I could spend the summer in Africa, in particular in the Congo/Uganda/Rwanda/Burundi area, (if you know anyone or have any advice e-mail me at but I’ll take anything this summer.  I’m searching the web like it’s my job, I’ve contacted my internship director and alumni department, shot e-mails to all relative networking contacts I know and bugging anyone I’ve ever met ask, “Do you know anyone who lives in Congo?” I’ve even e-mailed my idol Jeffery Gettleman, NYTimes East Africa Bureau chief, to ask about freelancing.  So when I saw this session I thought perhaps some advice I haven’t thought of yet.

Sadly I was disappointed.  While all of the information was great, it was the obvious steps.  Anyone who walked into that room not knowing what they said was not looking hard enough.  Yes maybe teach English and then find a job, freelance while working for a PR firm, contact alumni and search for grants.  I hope a lot of people got a lot out of it, and again, the information was good.  But I’m looking for something beyond the obvious.  The great thing was meeting Kelly and exchanging contact information.  Maybe that can lead to a connection.  And here is hoping the international news sessions tomorrow lead to a little more information.


— Anna Johnson



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