Chicken Salad

Session title: Chicken Salad
Session speaker: Michael Koretzyk

I attended this same session at the CMA Conference 2012 2010 (yes I do have a time machine) in New York last spring.  I had just joined The Pendulum as an executive staff member, and I wanted to revisit the eccentric Mr. Michael Koretzky .  I remember being slightly jarred by the silver dollar throwing speaker, but the advice was solid.

Overview — General Design Tips:

  • Less is more: have one big photo on the front page instead of just one
  • Remember you’re a student newspaper — why do you put old people in the paper
  • Rewrite headlines to make them clear and how people actually speak
  • Clipart sucks because it looks like you were in high school, and on top of that you had to go and find it online
  • If you have to use clipart, use it unconventionally as subheads
  • Use a chart only if it makes sense and if you can understand it
  • White space is your friend, use it
  • Make special sections look special
  • Use boxes to tell about events
  • Demand feedback, budget meetings shouldn’t be quiet
  • Group objects under one headline when you can

My take — Some of the redesigns that were shown in the session won’t work for The Pendulum.  But we could stand to add some more larger variety.  We’ve been very lucky to have two amazing design chiefs and wonderful design teams under them in the past two years.  We’ve expanded our design reservoir but it might be time to venture out a little further.  As long as it betters the story’s ability to be told, I’m game.

— Anna Johnson


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