10 Quick Design Fixes… and some other great advice.

After attending more than a few sessions geared toward design, I’ve picked up on two trends:

  1. Looking at other papers- critiquing their design or admiring it.
  2. Taking design risks

I can honestly say I’m a fan of both.

Ron Johnson gave 10 quick design fixes and used examples from real newspapers to supplement his presentation. It was well-done, informative and funny. And I loved it.

I got some great handouts from the session that I’m excited to make copies of and distribute to my designers back at Elon!

Until then, here’s his Top 10:

  1. Content– show off the content with silent, simple design
  2. Packaging– Dominant centerpieces that vary shape and position, package related content, restrain story count
  3. Photos– Dominance, contrast, fresh angles, tight crops
  4. Space– Grids for consistency and simplicity, spacious, consistent internal margins
  5. Text type– Fonts, indentations, hyphenations, optimum width
  6. Display type– display and condensed fonts, consistency with options
  7. Color– strong color photos, restrained secondary colors
  8. Navigation– a simple flag that can work as a logo, soft, common-sense folios inside
  9. Alignment– simple margins, rectangular text, unity
  10. Graphics– consistent type specs and grids, adaptable furniture, never as fillers

And some final words of wisdom from Ron Johnson: “If something doesn’t work once, there’s always another paper.”

-Gabriela Szewcow

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