Rewarding awards ceremony

We all attended the Opening Convention General Session and Adviser Awards Presentation today at 3:30 p.m. Colin got an Honor Roll award for being the adviser of a four-year newspaper. The keynote speaker, Tom French, opened his speech by thanking and honoring the advisers who had received awards. He joked that college newspaper and yearbook advisers put up with so much personal information given to them by students. And it’s true. Colin’s office is right in the Pendulum office, and we often forget that he’s there and that he can hear everything. I’m sure he knows a whole lot more than he wants to about our lives. But the best part is that he’s always there for us- to joke around, to give us advice, to fix the printer or to tell us what classes to take next semester. He’s a valuable and dependable resource, and I’m sure I speak for the entire staff when I say that we appreciate him so much and we’re so thankful for everything that he does for us. The award was more than deserved. Like I’ve said so many times before- you rock, Colin!

And you look way better in your coat than I do.



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