Chicken Salad… Just as good the second time around.

I failed to mention in my first post the meaning of “Chicken Salad.” Michael Koretzky said he titled his sessions this because, “a journalist’s job is to make chicken salad out of chicken shit.”

He said that journalism is a work in progress, and we should stop trying to perfect it. “Make it good, then move on and do better the next time,” he said.

In his second session, Chicken Salad II- Extreme Makeover, Koretzky picked apart and redesigned pages from real college newspapers, focusing on the ledes and headlines in addition to the design of the pages. All of his ledes were descriptive and captivating. He said the key the key to telling a good story that other college students will read is to describe as you go along. He stressed human interest and telling the story straight, starting with small bits of information and stringing it all together.

“If you talk in plain English, people will read your paper,” Koretzky said. “If you talk like a bureaucrat, no one will read your paper.”

It’s all about those words, words, words.

-Gabriela Szewcow


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