Looking for a Repeat

It’s not that I put things off, it’s I prefer to feel the adrenaline rush of a deadline.  So while my diligent staff members have already posted their blog posts on the upcoming CMA/ACP Convention in Louisville, Ky., I’m punching out my post less than 10 miniutes before we leave for the airport.  So I’ll be brief.

The Pendulum is up for two awards.  We were named a finalist for a Pacemaker in the non-daily newspaper competition for the second year. And we were, also, named an Online Pacemaker finalist.

Our former design chief, Caroline Matthews, was named a finalist in the Infographic competition.  And our adviser, Colin Donohue, was selected to receive a 2010 Honor Roll Adviser Award from the College Media Advisers organization.

And to make it even better, our literary magazine, Colonnades, is also up for a Pacemaker.

Perhaps it’s the excitement of this upcoming adventure with some amazing friends, the apprehension of not knowing the outcome of the award results, not sleeping last night and the several caffeinated beverages I’ve had already, but my mind can’t quit racing.  I’m ready to hit Louisville running, and I know the Pendulum staff members coming with me agree.

I keep asking, what can I do to make this not only the most worthwhile trip for me but for the entire organization?  I’ve printed out pages, circled sessions, sent e-mails out to meet speakers, scratched out sessions and grabbed enough business cards, resumes and papers to fill a small Office Max.  It’s time to learn, grow, share, network and experience an amazing conference.

The bottom line, I’m looking for a repeat:


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