Strap your hands cross my engines. Louisville, here we come.

So this sounds about right: it’s 24 hours before flying and bags aren’t packed. Homework for the rest of the week is partially done. News stories for next week’s issue are brooding somewhere in my mind; I’ll start making calls probably tomorrow. This is my pre-trip routine. In golf, you have the pre-shot routine, which my dad spent countless hours reminding me. But for this, a four-day trek to Louisville to hang out with some newspaper-types, I’m going to treat it like any well-needed trip and just go. I don’t like to think about it to much, which I guess is why those bags are still elusively hanging out empty under my bed.

But as for work, this weekend is going to be packed. It’s going to be session after session, networking, learning about how we can make our paper better, meeting other college newspaper staffers, picking up tips on writing, photographing, video editing. It’s going to be a lot, which is why this blog is going to be a great way to get the most out of it.

What I’m most looking forward to I think is simply the experience of being surrounded by discussions about media. Rarely do I get to geek out like I’m going to, and that’s exciting. And in the midst of a city — and a state — I’ve never been to, this is going to be a good trip. I think I’m going to try to go to as many multimedia presentations as possible. That will be my emphasis for this trip. This is something we’ve always struggled with at The Pendulum, and ideas about how we can implement this better into our regular operations will be great to hear. I want to explore new ways to tell stories and see what kinds of podcasts, photo stories, flash projects, videos, series, whatever and more people have come up with.

I’ll also try to go to as many writing workshops as possible. That’s my other favorite, my other biggest geek-out topic here.

And I’ll have one more first. I’ll be on a panel about international journalism with a few other students. I have to admit, I’m not sure how much I’m going to be able to contribute. I’ve only traveled once in the name of journalism, and hopefully I can speak well about that. But I’m curious what some of the other students have done and how I can implement that into this project that I’m talking about, which is ongoing.

So bring it on, Louisville.

(also, shout out to anyone who caught that quote in the title.)



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