Louisville – it’s pronounced LOO-a-vull.

Tomorrow, around this time, I’ll be on my way to the Piedmont Triad airport in Greensboro, quietly (or not so quietly) freaking out in somebody’s car. Why? Oh, just my unshakable fear of heights – planes being about the highest you can get away from the ground without leaving the atmosphere.

I’ll have to get over it, though, because I’m going to the Associated Collegiate Press convention in Louisville, Ky. I am quite excited about this. But also very nervous (mostly about the flying thing).

I think I’ll calm myself down by thinking about all of the awesome classes and panels I’ll be able to attend, all the student and professional journalists I’ll get to meet (and let’s be honest, network with… hello schmoozing!) and the great time I’m going to have with my fellow Pendulum staffers who are going.

I’ll keep you posted as to how well this strategy works tomorrow, but I’m already feeling a little better.

-Lauren Ramsdell


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