Before Louisville

In three days I, along with five other Pendulum staff members will be on our way to Louisville, Ky for the 2010 ACP/CMA Student Media Convention. I am looking forward to the trip and to learning how to improve my own work as well as the production of The Pendulum and The Pendulum Online as a whole. Although I had never filmed or edited video prior to stepping foot on Elon, I have quickly progressed from reporter to multimedia intern to multimedia editor. Nevertheless, my interest in print newspaper has not wavered. At the convention I hope to learn how to incorporate multimedia journalism and print journalism more effectively. Numerous programs at the convention are geared toward maximizing the potential of social media and online content to enhance the paper. I expect that after the convention the staff will be equipped with better skills to bridge the gap between the print and online sections of the paper so that all staff members can contribute to both.

I look forward to sharing the information I will have gained with the rest of The Pendulum staff and use this new knowledge to continually meet the standards of a Pacemaker finalist.

-Melissa Kansky

One thought on “Before Louisville

  1. Dear Pendulum convention-goers:

    As the director for the spring college media convention in New York City next March, I’ll be studying your blog intently for tips on what to do – and not do.

    Looking forward to your honest critique. And if you have a moment in Louisville, myself and the assistant convention director would love to buy you a caffeinated beverage and hear your opinions in person.

    Anyone ambitious and cool enough to set up their own convention blog probably has good ideas worth hearing.

    — Koretzky

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