When no one reads the paper . . .

Speakers: Beth Sharb and Betsy Melick, Edior-in-chief and Managing editor of Chimes, Capital University
Time: 10 a.m. Monday

This was especially appealing to Anna and I because a lot of times we feel like we are not reaching our target audience like we should. It was a session by students who had been in our spots at one point and had excellent advice to give us, or so we thought.

The girls introduced themselves and told us about their struggles. Their paper had no credibility. The staff was extremely lazy and no one wanted to take responsibility for the paper. The school and students hated the paper. Beth wanted to turn the paper completely around and that’s what she said she did.

They then lost all credibility when instead of talking about a strategies as to how they did it, they ranted for the whole 50 minutes. They told us about how they cried in front of their staff, drank way too much, in the office and out, how the editor did the whole paper herself one week, fired staff members . . . Beth was completely unprofessional during the entire session. She let every curse word known to man, and some only known to women, fly in front of older advisers and student leaders alike. It was not in any way helpful to know that she cussed out and yelled at her entire staff while drunk during one production night.

I did respect her for turning their paper around, but I thought it was poorly executed, as well as the presentation.



2 thoughts on “When no one reads the paper . . .

  1. I really enjoyed most of your posts, as this will be my fourth and final year attending CMA. I stumbled across your blog while compiling info for this year’s firstcomers on my own staff, and I just had to say that I completely disagreed with this posting, and I’m pretty sure you got some of it wrong. My adviser had me video some of the presentations I went to, and this is one I taped. I found the girls’ honesty refreshing, and never once did anyone say that anyone cussed out the staff while drunk during production night. There was never a mention of being drunk during production! She also said that upon becoming editor in chief, there were only two remaining staff members, and she chose to clean house– which she obviously needed to do, considering the earlier state of the paper. She fired one person early on in the year for not coming to the office- ever. She actually said that this was the first time in 5 or 6 years that no staff members quit, which I think is really admirable. When she talked about doing the paper herself, it was in regards to training an entirely new staff. The cursing was in regards to an article that caused a controversy- a letter to the editor that used “c*nt”. I didn’t think anything else was bad at all, and neither did my adviser (at our very Christian school). I’m not trying to be mean here, it really just sounds like you either misheard a lot of what was said, or really just didn’t care for the presentation and wanted it to sound WAY worse than it was. The people sitting around me loved it, as did everyone who went from my school. I definitely enjoyed a lot of your other posts and this site has been helpful in telling my new staff what to expect this year, though!

  2. As a former staffer, I’d just like to point out that prior to Beth’s EIC tenure, the paper was doing just fine. It wasn’t earth-shatteringly spectacular, but nobody hated us.

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