Terry Moran: Keynote

It was obvious in the program which of the Keynote speakers was favored over the other. Terry Moran is a co-anchor for ABC nightly news and has traveled the world over reporting. He did pieces in the middle east on the most recent war and in South America.

The program began interestingly enough when the person who introduced him copied Wikipedia for his introduction. Moran promptly called him out and said, “My nieces mess with that all the time, never trust it.”

Needless to say the speaker was slightly embarrassed.

Moran’s speech talked about the death of journalism.

“Journalism is dying as I know it, the business model simply cannot sustain itself,” Moran said.

Moran ended after speaking for only 20 minutes about how today’s generation coul be the new hope for journalism.

“We need ambition and moxy more than anything .”

After he ended he opened the floor for questions.

Reaction: While I was honored to be in the same room as Terry Moran, I expected much more. He is broadcast, so I expected him to be relatable and personable on stage. I expected him to be engaging. His speech was generic to say the least. I looked around the packed room and everyone looked dumbstruck, as if they could not believe he was reading straight from a script and only looking up at the end of every sentence. He had a type of arrogance I had only seen in the movies when divas were depicted.



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