Anna and I left no time for food on Monday (there was just too much to do!). As soon as the Keynote was finished, we went to a critique session.

He critiqued the Science lab space issue. Here is what he said

  • There should be two headlines above the fold
  • Like the sky boxes and teasers
  • bump up the News flag a couple of points
  • Subheads are needed for longer stories (longer than 15 inches)
  • Boxing out, make sure it does not make the story look separate if it is actually together. Make sure it is well balanced within the page.
  • Nice layout, crisp
  • Really important to cover campus related news and community news
  • Need visual art for every page
  • Not a lot of negative comments

Reaction: I wish we could have submitted a few days earlier. Just by eyeballing the paper, I felt like he had a hard time critiquing on the paper on the surface. I wish The Pendulum could have been ripped apart with constructive criticism while we were there so we could keep moving forward and changing.

But some of his compliments and suggestions were quite helpful. He asked about Colin’s role in the paper and our advertising. He also thought it was amazing that we put out a 24 page issue every week. I guess I just forget how uncommon that is.



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