Organizing a news room = Design 101

I was so excited about this workshop. The description boasted attractive pages and visual story telling by getting everyone on staff on the same page. But within the first few minutes I became highly disappointed.

The group in the session was very diverse to say the least. There were dailies, weeklies, bi-weeklies and monthlies represented. The workshop began as described but became a workshop on simplistic design.

  • Every paper should have House Rules: fonts should consist of no more than three font families . . . Style should be consistent.

While it was helpful for the monthly, who kep asking questions and posing different scenarios, I found it a little elementary for our firmly established 24 page weekly.  I did find it helpful when the speaker spent the last few minutes talking about drama in the news room. She suggested stressing the one goal, the paper, as something everyone work toward. This would eliminate drama.



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