Chicken Salad

Speaker: Michael Koretzky

Time: Sunday 2:30

This session was really well presented. Michael played to the average college kid’s low attention span of about 10 seconds, and presented bulleted points with 10 second music clips.

-Decks are your friends.
-Art must be away from ads.
-Clip Art needs to die
-If you can place your thumb over someone’s face, the photo is to small
-Stand Alone Art: Pictures with only a cutline, no story.
-Write to your audience: students and teachers
-Do not be afraid of space or saving stories
-Have fun with design
-Never have two pulled quotes in a story
-Only use a chart or graphic if you if the story absolutely needs it.
-Use a double headline with bigger stories

Reaction: This was a really fun session, but I did not agree with a lot of his methods. Some of his designs I really liked. When he talked about using a double headline for two big stories, I found it really interesting and had never thought of putting two stories together. I didn’t like the designs he kept pushing though. Most of them were really busy with a lot of text over pictures.



One thought on “Chicken Salad

  1. Sam and Anna,

    I enjoyed reading all of your posts about the education you received while in New York for CMA. This is what trips like this are all about! Don’t forget to keep sharing the knowledge with everyone and extending the network of informing!

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