Newspaper and PR can work together.

Anna has already hit on a lot of the major points from the session: internal PR, external PR, alumni relations .  . .


Because we are a small paper, I feel like internal PR is not at all necessary. We do not have a huge staff to worry about planning and advertising the Christmas party.

External PR is something I think we desperately need. Ideally I think we need to create a position dedicated to marketing the paper to retain and cultivate more readership. Since we do have a great PR department, it really wouldn’t be that hard to find someone who could take on the role. Students are, or at least should be, always looking for experience.

The speaker talked about creating charity events to tie the paper to as well as campaigns to get readers more involved. I did like the idea of “Take the Pendulum on break with you.” I really would like to see ads on the Moseley board and Pendulums at home basketball games as a form of school spirit.

Also I’m not sure how we would do this, but I want the Elon community to really feel like it is their paper. I want a way for them to comment on the story ideas they have and they would like to see in the paper; they should have a much bigger presence in the paper.

I would also like to see more student involvement with the paper, perhaps by using polls and contests to get more online users.

I really think this would also help us with readability issues, how to tailor it to make it more reader friendly.



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