I’m singing in the rain . . . .

Reporter’s Note:  Like Sam said there is no Internet in New York.  I plan on posting all of the days’ recaps along with a blog post on every session in the next couple of days.  Thanks for reading.

And boy is it ever raining.  My first day in New York City was one that was spent in wet clothes, soaked Converse and a broken umbrella.  And even though the weather is subpar the time I am having has never been better.

Despite our rocky flight, we arrived in the city before noon, Sam and I share a room that overlooks the lights of Time Square and I had my first slice of real NY pizza.

We spent the day battling the wind while visiting The National Museum of History and central park for brief moments before spending the afternoon in the Museum of Modern Art.  The experience was breath taking and once I am back in North Carolina I will be adding photos.

The complexity and yet simplicity of the photographs, paintings and sculptures allowed us to spend hours transfixed by what we saw.  And to add sugary goodness to the entire trip, a special on Tim Burton was being shown at MoMA.  Thanks to some skills of Sam we were able to enter despite not having tickets.   (Nothing illegal I promise.)

The full 48 hours of no sleep and our thoroughly drenched bodies was starting to take a toll.  We made the vain attempt at becoming dry before meeting with Elon alum Travis Lusk.

Lusk is the digital media manager for CBS Radio in New York, working with six different radio stations. We were given an insiders look at CBS Radio’s building. We were able to ask him questions about his particular job, the media industry and the business of journalism while touring the building and enjoying our dinner of Korean Barbeque.

The evening came to a close after an interesting walk home in the rain.  I had planned on posting this last night when we came in but the Internet is only in Colin’s room and bed was calling all of us home.  Sam and I have already been to many sessions and the first keynote speaker.



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