This session was taught by Frank Coffman, a professor of English and Journalism at Rock Valley College in the Chicago area.

This workshop emphasized the importance of sentence structure. On the surface, the topic seemed elementary, but the the meaning and practices were not. CRISP was an acronym for remembering how to write and edit the perfect sentence.

C – Clarify: do not insult the intelligence of the ideal reader, target your readership.

R – Replace: use the shorter word not the longer one. ex: use instead of utilize.

Invigorate – Should be activate but a would have spelled crap. Always seek the action to replace forms of to be. Subjects should be actors and verbs should be actions. Avoid passive verbs and verbs that are made into nouns.

S – Structure: The arrangement of Sentence parts –  avoid the middle of sentences for stronger points.

P – Poetization: Make use of poetic devices (alliteration), read sentences aloud for flow and rhythm.

Then we broke down various sentences and edited them. It helped that he really emphasized to make every word count.



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