Marketing your newspaper

Marketing your newspaper: public relations and the publication
Kelly Howard, Kip Morrison and Associates, Beverly Hills, Calf.
Time: 9 a.m. Sunday, March 14, 2010

I’ve always had trouble wrapping my mind around PR.  I understand its purpose and realize press releases can serve as the beginning of a news story.  But, I have the bias of believing their mission is in direct opposition to the objective goal of a journalist.  With this being said it was interesting to think about PR for our own publican.

The benefits of PR for The Pendulum, or any newspaper, were clearly shown throughout this session.  It extends the reach of the paper, increases readership and helps organization within the newspaper.

Howard said there is four audiences the PR groups should target are:

Internal Employees:
Create newsletter to inform all staff members of what is going on.
Provides a face to the organization.
Allows a set group to organize all recruiting events.

Generates good will in the community.
Allows for organization with professional media outlets.
Helps build sources for articles outside of the school community.

Build alumni Web site that is kept up regularly by newspaper staff.
Allows contact with sources in the professional field for later use.
Former newspaper staff can come back during homecoming/other events for newspaper specific lectures/parties.

Target incoming freshmen through orientation.
Target other groups of students through preplanned events.

Ideas generated from the session:

Throughout the school year:

Take your newspaper on spring break/winter term.  Would submit photos of the students and The Pendulum on different locations and would win a prize for best photo.
Team up with fashion show and ask for students to submit the best garment made out of Pendulums.  Winner gets prize.

For beginning of year/freshmen related:

Scavenger hunt of different sentences/phrases in The Pendulum and winner submits online and wins dorm package.
Visit freshman orientated classes like Communications in a Global Age or Global.

I have always wanted to have a representative from The Pendulum visit Elon 101 classes to get freshmen familiar with the newspaper.  We could even ask representatives from Phoenix14 and WSOE to join and it have a media convergence recruiting aspect.


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