Excuse me sir, I’d like to see my future office?

Sunday Anna and I pounded the streets as “intrepid journalists” looking for The New York Times. We searched every unmarked building around. CBS, where Travis worked, was unmarked, and we thought the Times might be as well. Finally we found it, but we couldn’t go anywhere except the lobby. The security guard could not be swayed, I’m not even sure if he had the capacity to smile . . . EVER.

Although we did not find the Times in an unmarked building, we did find Vogue in an unmarked building and, surprisingly, Eugene Daniel as we had yet again been turned away by a New York Times impostor. We had dinner with him that night at Trattoria Trecoloria, a great little Italian restaurant, for much longer than we expected.

There was so much to talk about. The conversation jumped from internships to ethics to career paths and back again. Eugene is interning for 60 minutes, so of course I had to prod every bit of information I could get from him. He shared with us how he found the internship, housing, what kinds of tasks he did at his job, etc.

He also offered advice, “Really learn Lexis Nexis. The Pros use it everyday.” This surprised me because I had never really equated it to journalism, but more like research for a paper. We also talked about interviewing strategies, like what to do if a future employer asks, “Where do you see yourself when you are 45?”

Maybe I’m a little weird, but that question sounds daunting.

Before we knew it, the waiter had filled Colin’s glass one too many times and he was afraid to go to the bathroom alone. The same waiter also didn’t know that Anna, Eugene and I existed.



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