Wait, that’s a name I recognize…

So as you may have heard, The Pendulum brought home its first Pacemaker on Saturday (well, we technically got home Sunday, but you know what I mean). It was an amazing achievement that I still am replaying the moment of over and over again in my head. It was absolutely insane to hear our name called and realize that not only was it a name I recognize, but a name I represent. It was also crazy to hear our name and not the names of several publications I seriously admire, such as The Ithacan, The Daily Tar Heel and The Daily Northwestern.

Because I have literally witnessed The Pendulum come full circle since I first got involved my freshman year, the fact that we are beating out such publications is a feat that still blows my mind. This paper has grown an incredible, outrageous amount in the past three years, but I can always see how we can continue to grow and improve. It’s hard for me to have trained an eye that works to mainly seek our errors and yet at the same time embrace the great work we pump out week after week without just glaring at the faults that probably only communications professors and I will ever notice.

Obviously, this was not the work of one person or one team. It was a shared accomplishment between previous editor Olivia Hubert-Allen’s staff and my staff, and it took almost 100 people to create each paper. This is not a simple process, and the fact that a bunch of college students can create such a professional and nationally-recognized paper is just an amazing feat. I am so proud of my staff and every person that has helped shape us in the past few years, and I cannot thank everyone enough. There are literally (and somehow) no words to describe my gratitude and appreciation to everyone that has slaved away in the office until 3 a.m. so we can get a paper out that week, go to the court house just one more time during exam week to make sure we have the full story we need and drag 13 cups of water back from Acorn so the staff doesn’t get dehydrated. So to everyone that has ever worked with us and is reading this: THANK YOU.

Compiling all of those moments, especially from last year, into a ten second announcement of “And a Pacemaker goes to The Pendulum, from Elon University,” doesn’t do any of us justice for our work. That plaque doesn’t tell the story of those late nights in the office. But it does symbolize something. It shows that the intense work we have poured into our creation is not going unnoticed, and not just in our own community. In the entire United States of America, The Pendulum is one of the 13 best non-daily college newspapers. And that is something to be proud of. And that is something that will make The Pendulum a name that is not only recognized, but respected, nationally.

Andie Diemer


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