Photo Adventures

A woman with a huge, inflatable phallus.  A homeless beggar claiming to be a Vietnam War veteran who’d had a grenade blow up in his face.  A novelist who told me if he didn’t have “an angry group of Christians wanting to assassinate me,” he wouldn’t be doing his job right.  There was also a woman dressed up as a legislative bill, right outside the Capitol Building.

Oh, the sights I’ve seen in Austin on my grand quest for photos!  The theme of the contest is “Keep Austin Weird.”  There are definitely some weird things around here.  I went travelling around in a taxi by myself for the first time.  I walked up and down 20 blocks.  Even if I don’t win the contest, I don’t care.  I’ve had an amazingly fun, hilarious time, talking to strange people and learning so much about photojournalism.  (You have to keep your eyes open and be alert all the time!)

I’ll be putting up some of my pictures soon. Stay tuned!

–Alex Trice


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