Multimedia Road Map

In my final session of Day 2, I ventured to my second multimedia/online workshop of the day, which is a stretch for me.  I knew I could handle the first one, using basic tools such as Twitter and Blogging, but I was worried about the second one, dealing more with video, interactive graphics and slideshows.  The speaker from the Arizona Republic, however, immediately eased my fears when he put this simple statement on the screen: “The key to reporting across all media is to remember the basic mission of reporting for every single media platform.”  He essentially said that, although there are many new outlets in which to report, reporting has not change, and your approach shouldn’t either.  He said that it is a waste of time to spend hours upon hours and weeks upon weeks learning the ends and outs of the newest technology because, by the time you learn everything you need to know, it is outdated and something new has come along.  You simply need to learn what you should know for each particular project, and tackle each project as it comes along.  The only things you need to remember that are changed is that you MUST avoid being redundant.  He said that “telling a story through multimedia is not telling the same story through multimedia.”  Use multimedia to tell what is missing from the linear story that can enhance the point in the package, not repeat it.  The rest of the session was simply rehashing the basics of good storytelling, with intermingled tips about how that transcends to multimedia.

-Sam Calvert

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