Headlines and cutlines can pull the readers in or send them away

I was very disappointed in the way this session turned out.  I thought that it was going to be more about how to actually write the headlines and the cutlines, but instead, it was just looking at examples and listening to the speaker tell us that it was good or bad, or the occasional “I really liked this one.”  He had a slide projector and an overhead projector, and we sat, in the dark, and looked at headlines, with the occasional cutline thrown in there.  There was no though-process behind a headline, no tips and tricks to writing a headline.  Just examples.  While it was very entertaining to see some really clever headlines ( like “Cooler beds prevail” talking about sex statistics declining) and some very bad headlines, where misspellings and sexual ambiguities prevailed, I essentially learned nothing, and that was the main reason why I went.

-Sam Calvert


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