We have arrived!

There are few things I love more than spending time with Pendulum people. We have such a great group for this convention, but I am definitely missing the rest of the dedicated staff. They are certainly here with us in spirit.

We are now settled into our hotel in Austin and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow and the start of the convention. My big workshop for the weekend is called Web Publishing, which I’m taking with Alexa. I hope to learn some new things that will enhance our Web site’s content. There are so many great workshops to pick from each day. We will get our full convention programs in the morning, but just glancing through it, I’m overwhelmed with all the possibilities. I hope to take a lot of multimedia workshops to learn how to market our Web site more successfully, produce a wider variety of online content and improve our Web design. It will also be nice to take some writing and staff management/recruitment workshops.

But our big day is Saturday…we’ll be holding our breath until we find out whether we’ve won our big Pacemaker. Fingers crossed.

~Ashley Barnas


3 thoughts on “We have arrived!

  1. Make sure you’re following the tweets at the conference! I know everyone’s using the #ncmc09 tag and it’s super interesting to see what everybody’s saying.


  2. You all might want to try your luck at blogging a conference event to share the joy, I mean knowledge. This has become quite the skilled (art) form lately among some info-maniacs. See this blog for a primer. http://hyku.com/blog/archives/001253.html

    For journalists, much of this is intuitive. You’ll probably see a few people doing this religiously at some of the presentations. The test is whether you can do what journalists do best: absorb, interpret and pass along the key points in a coherent order so others can make sense of it all — and do it all in real time.

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