Pacemaker Recognition … in Nametag Form

Take a look at the picture below:


That’s my name badge for the ACP/CMA convention here in Austin. I point it out because you can probably see the flag stuck to the bottom of it. The one that reads: PACEMAKER FINALIST. That’s one of the big reasons we’re here. The students want to learn if they’re more than a Pacemaker finalist. They want to be a Pacemaker winner. And having that flag on their name badges, I think, gives them an extra little swagger. It’s not cockiness or arrogance. It’s just an extra spring in their step because they know they’ve been recognized for the hard work they’ve put in the last year (and more) at the newspaper. It’s a fantastic honor for them, and it’s great that they’re being identified all conference long as a Pacemaker finalist.

Congratulations to everyone at the Pendulum, but the real work has already begun. Being named a Pacemaker finalist once is great, but being in contention every year means the newspaper has gained sustained excellence. And that’s what we’d all like to see in the end.

– Colin Donohue

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